Is it time to consider upgrading those dreadful old bathroom cabinets to something that will impress anyone who walks in? If the answer is yes, before you go and buy just any bathroom vanity, there are a few mistakes people make that you will want to avoid like buying bathroom cabinets that don’t match or having small spaces where cabinets don’t fit. To prevent this from happening, the experts at Osteen Cabinets & Trim is sharing a few things to keep in mind when making the choice on the cabinetry for your bathroom.

1. What is the sizing?

First you will need to know the size of your bathroom. How much space do you have to install new vanities? If your bathroom is small, the choices are limited but there are plenty of options no matter what size of bathroom you are dealing with.Take note of the dimensions of the area where the vanity will go. Make sure to measure the width, the depth, and the height when taking measurements. The professionals at Osteen Cabinets & Trim will build your cabinets with an emphasis on fine details and built to last.

2. Where are these cabinets going?

Have you done your research and determined what you want your new bathroom cabinets to look like? Decide on the style and have an idea of what you’d like before you go and buy new cabinets. Once you have made that decision, take note of where these cabinets are going. Some cabinets can be wall-mounted and not touch the ground. Others are meant for a corner specifically and may not fit your bathroom type.

3. What is the look of the bathroom space?

Buying cabinets that are beautiful may impress anyone who walks in, but they may not match the style of the sink or toilet. If you are sinking - I mean thinking - about getting a new bathroom vanity, take note of what sink type you want. An undermount type of sink provides a cleaner appearance and easy to clean. Drop-in sinks are mounted into the opening of the counter so water can drop in.

It’s important to pick the right size vanity, the type, and what sink will go with it but it’s also important to think of the overall design. Osteen Cabinets & Trim recommends getting your cabinets, sink, and mirror all from the same collection so it matches and has a cohesive look.

If you’re looking to start renovations in your home, but don’t know where to start, give Osteen Cabinets & Trim a call today at 803-720-6447. We’re the team you can count on to finish the job! Whether you’re looking for cabinets, built-ins, or mantels, we can help meet all your design needs.