Whether it’s a jar full of coins and bills that sits on top of your refrigerator, or if you have a separate savings account set up with your local bank, most adults have a “rainy day fund.” This quaint little phrase signifies something special that a person is, little by little, saving up for. For some, the purpose of their “rainy day fund” is to make that dream vacation possible with their family and friends. Others might envision purchasing a new car that is both practical and maybe slightly extravagant. But in our line of work, we at Osteen Cabinets and Trim often encounter homeowners who are using their “rainy day fund” to finally make the kitchen renovation they’ve been envisioning for so long an immediate reality.

However, now that the funds for such an ambitious and exciting project have finally been compiled, some may immediately encounter another roadblock when it comes to their kitchen redesign; what they want their kitchens to actually LOOK like! While flipping through the pages of a home design magazine or watching a show on Netflix can provide great inspiration, it can also become a little overwhelming. After all, there are so many great ways designers are reimagining outdated kitchens; how do you possibly decide which one is right for you?

Maybe this quick guide will be a step in the right direction so you can start spending that “rainy day fund.” Here are a few of our favorite trends in kitchen cabinetry.

Embrace Reclaimed Wood

If Country Living describes your taste and you can’t resist some rustic charm, consider reclaimed wood cabinetry in your kitchen renovation. It gives you a vintage, effortless look that is timeless and unpretentious.

Add Some Opulence

How much do you LOVE this lush gold design from HGTV? From the gold-plated island to the hardware on the dark cabinetry, this design is the perfect combination of subtle opulence to, well, NOT so subtle opulence! And shouldn’t you spend your “rainy day fund” one something at least a little bit extravagant?

Consider Exotic Color Blocks

If gold isn’t exactly your style, perhaps these kitchen cabinets are more your taste. This design, also from HGTV, is giving us serious (and enviable) mid-century modern vibes. The darker mahogany and color-block cabinets are the perfect contrast to the clean look of the white paneling and countertops.

Osteen Cabinets and Trim prides itself on providing exemplary customer services for those whose “rainy day fund” is for an upcoming kitchen renovation. If you’re looking to start renovations in your home, but don’t know where to start, give Osteen Cabinets & Trim a call today at 803-720-6447. We’re the team you can count on to finish the job! Whether you’re looking for cabinets, built-ins, or mantels, we can help meet all your design needs.