A pantry should reflect your personal style as much as any other room in the house. It’s a remodeling project that involves not only beautiful design and cabinetry but also should function well for years to come. Below are a number of inspirational kitchen pantry ideas to consider so that you can make it all about you. 

Beautiful cabinetry built to last

The biggest decision you’re likely to make about your pantry remodel will be the cabinetry. Custom cabinets can bring warmth and better usage to tired and outdated living spaces. They allow you to build a layout and look that suits your personal taste. Of course, the real beauty in cabinetry goes beyond looks alone. Whatever you select should also be functional and durable. Be sure to choose a cabinet maker that is known not only for stunning designs and space planning but for providing value through a quality product that will last. 

Desirable extras and organizational tips

Depending on the space you have available, you may want to consider adding features that make your pantry everything you want it to be. Some add-on options may include things like small food prep sinks, mini-fridges, wine racks, glass doors, or convenience items like pull-out shelves, recycle bins, roll-out trays, or even a sliding ladder (like the old library ladders).

Assuming space is a premium, you’ll want to consider some creative storage solutions and other organizational ideas. Pantry containers have gained a lot of popularity. For instance, glass canisters are charming ways to store bulk items while allowing you to see how much sugar or flour you have left. Wicker bins can be conveniently placed on tracks or sliders and will help produce stay fresh or organize your canned goods. Door organizers or hooks on walls or ceilings are also great ways to maximize the use of limited space, for hanging things like aprons or even pots and pans.
Electrical and lighting

We often don’t think about planning behind-the-scenes aspects of our home remodels, but things like electrical outlets and lighting can make a huge difference in the beauty and functionality of a space. In terms of a pantry, while you need lighting to find your stored goods, often foods stored in these areas require dry, dark, and sometimes cool conditions. You’ll want to assure, therefore, that lighting in the pantry is separate from the main kitchen lights. Likewise, be sure to install electrical outlets that will accommodate specialty appliances that you may place in the pantry, like small refrigerators, wine chillers, coffee machines, etc.

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